Network Services

Eight Position (RJ-45) Modular Cable

(with clip down)
(with clip down)

UTP consists of 4 twisted pairs. The standard colors are:
white/blue - blue
white/orange - orange
white/green - green
white/brown - brown

Cable can be purchased to fit a wide variety of cabling situations, but basically the wire itself will consist of one of two types, stranded or solid.  Solid is typically used in longer runs where the cable will be in a fixed position.  Stranded is typically used for patch cables, where flexibility is necessary. 
A standard Straight-Through Cable requires that both connectors are configured T568A (U.S. Government Standard) or both T568B (AT&T Standard). A Straight-Through Cable is used for:
  • Computer to Hub connection. 
  • Computer to Switch connection.
  • Switch to Router.
Many modern network devices are auto-MDIX, not requiring crossover cabling. If needed, a standard 10/100 Mbps Crossover Cable uses a T568A on one end and a T568B on the other. A Crossover Cable is used for:
  • Switch to Switch.
  • Switch to Hub.
  • Hub to Hub.
  • Router to Router (Ethernet port connection).
  • Computer to Computer.
  • Computer to Router.
 Because a 1 Gbps Crossover Cable uses all 8 wires, its wiring pattern is somewhat different.  This table defines its configuration:      Pin   Connector #1   Connector #2 
1 white/orange white/green
2 orange green
3 white/green white/orange
4 blue white/brown
5 white/blue brown
6 green orange
7 white/brown blue
8 brown white/blue


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